Enrollment information is available here. We encourage you to come in, tour our center, and meet our teachers and directors once we open.

Communication is key at Discovery Time. Our families are welcome to visit or call at anytime during the day. Additionally, when you pick up your child, you will receive a Daily Discovery Report outlining how long your child napped, what portion of lunch your child ate and how well your child is doing with potty-training. Teachers will also describe activities and discoveries made throughout the day.

At Discovery Time, we encourage your child’s enthusiasm for learning and understand that children learn as they play. Our curriculum is designed to support your child’s current stage of development while also providing kindergarten readiness skills and a balanced schedule. Each child’s day includes large and small group math, science, reading, and writing activities where children learn to ask questions, discover cause and effect, negotiate fair play and build new friendships. Each day also includes ‘Discovery Time’ where children choose activities based on their own interest. Our plan-do-review sequence allows children to build confidence and take ownership of their learning as they recall the new discoveries that they’ve made.

Team Discovery is made up of warm and nurturing teachers with incredible talents. Our degreed and qualified teachers are experienced and have a loving passion for working with children and families.

​Our teachers are:

•Selected for their ability to engage children warmly in the learning process through the use of highly effective lessons. We encourage self-discovery and celebrate the process rather than the product produced.

​•Required to complete an exclusive training series developed specifically for Discovery Time Learning Center teachers. This unique program coaches teachers in the areas of health and safety, curriculum, developmental guidelines and child enrichment programs.

​•Provided opportunities to participate in ongoing professional development and are required to complete annual training hours beyond the Virginia licensing recommendations.

•Recognized for their hardwork by our directors, parents, and their colleagues. Parents shout teachers out on our wall of fame, colleagues celebrate each other on our team board, and directors recognize our monthly Discovery Leader with our team spotlight program.

Cameras, a secure entry system, daily sign-in and sign-out logs, and our alternate pick-up identification system are a few of the ways that we ensure that your child is safe at our Alexandria daycare facilities. Additionally, all team members receive ongoing training in health, safety, and emergency preparedness procedures. Our procedures are accessible by parents for review at any time.

Connect with your child’s day by taking a look around their classroom. Near the entrance take a look at the classroom discovery board where this week’s themes and lesson plans are posted. Journey to the art gallery and take a look at your child’s family portrait made from leaves or simply take a look at our evidence of learning display which shows and describes the step by step process for a math activity recently completely. Each of our classrooms also has a word wall and library that reflects the latest discoveries. Our library for example is always changing to include books related to our learning theme. Your child’s Daily Discovery Report and Discovery Portfolio are also available for review at any time.



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1509 Leslie Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301 Admissions: 703-930-9043 Office: 703-566-4885

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420 Hume Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301     Admissions: 703-930-9043 Office: 703-537-8552

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