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Discovery Time’s Infant and Toddler program includes our infant suite, crawlers and mobile transition classroom and toddler classroom to meet the needs of children 6 weeks – 24 months old. Our two year old program includes a classroom for younger 2s and a separate transition, junior preschool classroom for older 2s and early 3s as they prepare to move into our Preschool 3s and PreK 4s and 5s program. Children transition between rooms based on their individual needs and availability throughout the year.

Infant playing with ball

Infant Program 6 Weeks - 15 Month Old

In the infant classroom, your child will be cared for by an enthusiastic and responsive teacher in a calm, soothing, and happy environment. Smiles, eye contact and loving interactions occur between infant and teacher during diaper changes, feedings, rest time and play time.

Our infant room includes your child’s own personal crib, age appropriate toys, and high chairs all of which are cleaned and sanitized daily. In the infant room, schedules vary based on the needs of your child. Our teachers work with you to develop your child’s personal unique schedule.

Our infant program provides developmental appropriate environments for our non-mobile infants, crawlers, and walkers.

Toddler on slide

Toddler Program 16 Months - 24 Months Old

Our toddler program is led by co-lead teachers with a maximum group size of 9 children to provide the individualized attention that is critical to this age. In the toddler program, your child will continue to build upon the big steps taken during infancy as they further discover and explore the world around them.

Children in this age group are moving from the dependency of infancy to the independence of preschool years. The emphasis is on helping children to develop their self-reliance in a supportive environment.

The toddler environment invites interaction with developmentally appropriate materials based on the interest of children and our themed curriculum. Their structured yet flexible schedule allows predictability and a feeling of security.

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Two Year Old Program

In our two-year-old classroom, your child can expect a more formally structured experience as they participate in circle time, story time, active play, and open discovery independently and in small and large groups. Specialized areas for learning known as our discovery centers are introduced to children so that they may make choices and actively engage with their environment.

Your two year old is also assigned a primary ‘potty pal’ as they work to achieve the potty-training milestone. Your two year old will thrive in their environment which offers safety, freedom within boundaries, individual attention, encouragement, and praise.

Our two year old program provides a separate transition clasroom for those two year olds who can benefit from a smaller group size starting at 2 1/2 years old.

Preschoolers digging in dirt

Preschool & PreK Program

Our Preschool 3s and PreK 4s and 5s classroom are designed to allow your child to rotate through discovery centers of their choice throughout their day in addition to participating in whole group and small group teacher led activities. Classroom centers, which include art, dramatic play, blocks, fine-motor, library, listening station, science sensory, writing, and math are designed to stimulate curiosity and contain materials to help your child practice new skills independently.

As your child gets closer to transitioning to kindergarten, our teachers introduce prep-k, our kindergarten transition program that supports the development and achievements of your child. The program includes frequent exposure to kindergarten through conversation, classroom visits, and a trip to a kindergarten classroom all while your child continues to build upon foundational skills.

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